Indian Coast Guard Chases Down Fleeing Russian Cargo Ship Off Mumbai

Mike Schuler
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February 18, 2015

Indian Coast Guard photo

It was a high-speed chase of sorts off the coast of Mumbai on Tuesday when the Indian Coast Guard chased down and intercepted a Russian cargo ship trying to flee the country.

According to media reports, the MV Sevastopol broke an arrest order and departed Tuesday from an anchorage in Mumbai, where it was ordered under arrest by the Madras High Court on February 13 over a commercial dispute with a domestic firm. Reports say the cargo ship raised its anchor, turned off its AIS and its lights as it attempted to flee the country.

The vessel was then chased by an Indian Coast Guard vessel for more than 11 hours before eventually surrendering.

A gCaptain source informs us that the Sevastopol is operated by Gudzon Shipping Ltd of Russia as of December 2014 and formerly went by the names of Clipper Copenhagen and CEC Copenhagen.


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