Imtech Renews Focus on Service, Revives Radio Holland Brand

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July 31, 2014

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Imtech Marine USA re-introduces Radio Holland, focusing on Service and Nav/Com support to maritime customers

One year ago Captain Eric Clarke resigned his post at Rightship, an organization that he and CEO Warwick Norman grew to world dominance within the shipping efficiency sector.

Clarke remarked in a phone conversation: “I wanted to contribute more to my industry.” Having spent his working life progressing through a number of key roles in the maritime world combined with his love for gadgets the Managing Director opportunity at Imtech Marine USA, a company with deep roots in high technology, was a natural fit.

Radio Holland is back

Imtech Marine is bringing back the Radio Holland brand, which covers the company’s electronics and satellite communications business. With nearly 100 years of exposure in the commercial marine sector the brand is a powerful asset that is well known and respected by clients and that’s why Imtech Marine brings Radio Holland back.

Clarke explains: ”This is exactly the focus of Imtech Marine USA: Service, maintenance and Nav/Com projects.  Our core business.  Radio Holland stands for the guy who comes out and helps out. Who knows the equipment must work. Quality service is what it is all about.  It’s about the fast moving services section that receives calls like, “My radar is broken can you come and fix it?”

“Every sailor has a story like I have about the Radio Holland experience. That is why I’m proud to be part of the company now.”

Clarke has overseen a number of changes within the local organization, all aimed at strengthening the client focus. Some of these changes have been straightforward, such as improving telephone answering procedures and implementing better stock analysis to ensure the right components are in the right place at the right time.

“Probably the most important detail,” Clarke says, “Listening to our client’s needs and outperform on them with fast and effective execution of our services is our main focus.”

Refitting HAL bridges in eight days

As a result of this renewed focus, the company has seen increased revenues, more ship visits and overall growth amidst the economic downturn. A recent contract with Holland America Line saw Imtech Marine refitting the bridges of three cruise ships in just 8 days. This successful project, says Clarke, is a prime example of our approach to the client.

In several stages of the project we involved the client, for instance our client witnessed the acceptance tests and we worked closely to create a new design of the console according to their requirements. All the components are where the Captains want them; there are now monitors on the bridge wing stations and consoles close to the Captain’s chair.

Imtech Marine also created a new Briefing Station where the young cadets can be trained using wireless systems. It was great to see the young officers immediately take to the new systems and see their potential. And thinking ahead a team of 14 technical engineers was trained during the retrofit so they can be completely up to speed and ready to service the three cruise liners. The beauty of the system is that it has been tailored to HAL’s needs, which can be replicated across its fleet, giving the company an official company standard making it much easier when crews change.

berkut platform
Berkut platform, image (c) WorleyParsons

Keep contact from a remote location

“From the Houston heat to artic colds, our engineered solutions are chosen by top Oil and Gas companies in the world. For the impressive Berkut platform in the Sakhalin area we delivered a Collision Avoidance Radar System along with a radio and satellite communication package. In this case we helped the customer achieve safe and uninterrupted operations and keep contact with the outside world from a remote location in the artic cold.”

Bringing internet to the Algoma crew

Speaking about some of the ongoing projects, Clarke notes that his company has also renewed VSAT communication contracts with Algoma, a company with 34 dry bulk ships operating on the Great Lakes. Imtech Marine provides an extension to this contract supplying suitable Internet and communication facilities to the crew.

“As an ex-sailor, I’m excited about bringing Internet to the crew,” commented Clarke. “I know what it means to be able to call home, to have unlimited email and solid web access. The CEO of Algoma promised his crew Internet access and I’m proud we helped him deliver on that promise.

For the rest of 2014, there’s a lot more work on Imtech Marine’s horizon including 2 more major system integrations for Holland America Line and the constant flow of service calls from maritime operators.


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