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Icebreakers Escort the LNG Carrier “Ob River” Through Northern Sea Route [IMAGE]

Rob Almeida
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November 26, 2012

Icebreakers are currently escorting the LNGC “Ob River” from Norway to the ice-free waters of Japan. Image (c) Dynagas

The “Ob River” is an ice classed LNG carrier with four membrane-type tanks, with holding capacity of 147.5 thousand cubic meters or 66.4 thousand tonnes of liquefied natural gas.  She is on 5-year charter contract to Sakhalin Energy.

The commercial operator of the vessel is Gazprom Marketing and Trading (subsidiary of Gazprom) and the technical operator and owner, is Dynagas.

The BBC released a report today of the Ob River’s journey through the Northern Sea Route, and the expansion of commercial traffic through the arctic region.  Read it HERE

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