Become A Hollywood Producer – Fund A Documentary On Piracy

John Konrad
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March 30, 2011

It’s been said that it’s easier to get $1 from a million people than one million dollars from one person. At least that’s the idea behind KickStarter, a “new” website which put’s funding of the arts in the hands of us commoners.

I’ve actually know about kickstarter since the site was launched 2 years ago but found very few projects that peaked my interest…. that is until today when gCaptain reader Simon Egleton tipped us off to the documentary STOLEN SEAS : the untold story behind modern day piracy.

The documentary is being produced and directed by Thymaya Payne, A University of Chicago and American Film Institute graduate who’s also a self-proclaimed expert in Somali piracy. What makes him an expert? Well he has “spent over two years collecting the contacts, researching on the ground experiences necessary to put a show of this nature together. Thymaya’s experience in Somalia has added to his overall understanding of the global situation because of Somalia’s unique geo-political position.”

So here’s how it work’s… you register for kickstarter and find projects you wish to support. In return for your support you get “rewards” which, in this case, range from a DVD of the movie after it’s produced ($25 donation) to a “free” Luxury Massage at the Four Seasons Spa ($10,000 donation) and, of course, the feel-good sensation of supporting the arts.

So if you’re so inclinded read the Kickstarter FAQ, watch Thymaya’s video pitch then head over to his page to donate some cash. Of note… the deadline for donation is April 5th.


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