Hawaii Fuel Depot Tanks WWII

Aerial view of the Submarine Base (right center) with the fuel farm at left, looking south on 13 October 1941, before the Red Hill fuel facility was built underground.

Watch: Hawaii Naval Bunker Tank Closure And The Jones Act Explained

John Konrad
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March 10, 2022

As gCaptain reported early this week, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced that Hawaii’s Red Hill bunker storage depot, the world’s biggest underground fuel storage facility, will be closed. Many naval experts believe that this depot would be critical to fighting a war in Asia given the critical shortage of Military Sealift Command tankers, the ships responsible for transporting fuel between land and warships in the Pacific. 

Sal Mercogliano discusses the ramifications for public health as well as the logistical challenges the US Navy will face in the wake of the Pentagon’s decision to close this massive 250 million gallon facility on this episode of What’s Going On With Shipping. He also talks about recent attacks on US commercial tankers due to companies requesting Jones Act waivers to transport oil from the US to Hawaii in foreign tankers.

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