Giant Lego Man Is At It Again….

Mike Schuler
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October 26, 2011

The mysterious 8-foot tall lego man is at it again, this time appearing on a Sarasota, Florida beach sporting a t-shirt saying “no real than you are”.

The rumored origins of the giant beach-going lego man have reached that of mythical proportions over the past couple years.  The man first appeared just offshore the Dutch resort of Zandvoort in 2007, where stunned spectators made a daring rescue thinking it was real person.  Then again in 2008, the lego man has washed up on a beach in Brighton, UK leaving residents puzzled as to its origins.

Is a giant child somewhere missing a beloved toy? Is a Lego factory producing mutant rogue lego-men?

Unfortunately the real story may not be so interesting.  The lego-man is the work of aspiring artist, Ego Leonard, who may or may not be the lego man himself.  “I am glad I crossed over” Leonard said in an email to Sarasota Herald-Tribune. “Although it was a hell of a [swim]. Nice weather here and friendly people. I think I am gonna stay here for a while.”

Why Florida and why now remains a mystery.

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