Get an Insider’s Look at the Latest Forward Looking Sonar Technology

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November 23, 2020

FarSounder is hosting a free webinar answering the question: Why is Argos the technology behind safe navigation? 

Learn about Argos’ cutting-edge forward looking sonar technology giving true, real-time imaging in a 3D viewer and over nautical charts. Discover the unique features and capabilities providing users safe navigation in unknown and uncharted waters. The presenter will share with you the following insights and features: 

1. You will learn about the only Forward Looking Sonar on the market that provides real-time 3D data and overlays the data on a chart at navigationally significant ranges. 

2. You will be able to see shallow bottoms and a variety of in water hazards. You will also learn how users can collect the data and how they share with an international database. 

3. You can hear how it is easily installed on a newbuild or a refit project, either via a standard fixed mount through hull approach or via a hoist mechanism. There are many options that will suit nearly any vessel. 

Join us December 2, at 10a EST to get to know this unique technology. You may sign up here.


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