gCaptain Tip Line – PEMEX Oil Rig Fire

John Konrad
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November 19, 2007

Pemex Oil Rig Fire

gCaptain received the above photo via our gCaptain Tip Line. Here is the official news on the incident from PEMEX;

MEXICO:  PEMEX confirmed that a fire occurred on the Kab 101 platform on Nov. 13.  The fire was caused by a spark generated during repair work to control the natural gas leak that began on Oct. 23.  No one was injured.  The fire later was extinguished in the Kab 121 well.

Meanwhile, work continues to clean the oil spilled during the original incident on Oct. 23.  An overflight revealed that the oil has traveled about 125 kilometers (78 miles).  Another overflight will take place next week to monitor the progress of the clean-up. Click to continue…

Our tipster also suggested that fatalities occurred despite PEMEX’s denial of any injuries. We have not confirmed any of the above comments and have already made one mistake related to this incident so if you have information or links this please write a comment below.

For a look at a discussion on the cause and effect of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Tragedy and read the blog post “Deepwater Horizon Explosion – Breaking News” for a real time look at the events behind a modern oil rig explosion & fire.

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