Two Rescued From Burning, Non-Producing Oil Platform In US Gulf

HOUSTON (Dow Jones)--The U.S. Coast Guard rescued two men from a burning Gulf of Mexico oil platform on Sunday. The platform, owned by Houston-based Arena Energy LLC., is located about 50 miles off Grand Isle, La. The privately held company said it was not producing when the fire broke out Sunday morning, but federal offshore energy regulators are en route to the facility … [Read more...]

Gulf Oil Disaster Declared “Spill of National Significance”

LA Times - The growing oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico was designated a spill of national significance and three top Cabinet officials will tour the site, the federal government said Thursday as it stepped up its efforts to deal with the environmental disaster.  » NEW ORLEANS — President Obama increased his administration's role in the cleanup of the vast oil spill in the … [Read more...]

Seadrill’s West Atlas Rig On Fire – Incident Photo of The Week

This weeks incident photos are of the fire that was burning on Seadrill's West Atlas jackup oil rig located in the Timor Sea between Australia and Indonesia.  BBC tells us: An oil rig which has leaked thousands of barrels of oil into the Timor Sea over the last 10 weeks has been plugged, the rig's operators have said. A massive fire burning on the West Atlas rig has also … [Read more...]

First Lift – World’s Largest Crane In Action

A few months back we brought you photos of the world's largest crane being built, today we show you it in action. It is the world's first fixed dual-beam gantry crane, with an unparalleled lifting capacity of 20,000 tonnes. The crane is named "Taisun" after a sacred mountain in China's Shandong Province reflecting its size, strength and inspirational qualities. In 2008, … [Read more...]

gCaptain Tip Line – PEMEX Oil Rig Fire

gCaptain received the above photo via our gCaptain Tip Line. Here is the official news on the incident from PEMEX; MEXICO:  PEMEX confirmed that a fire occurred on the Kab 101 platform on Nov. 13.  The fire was caused by a spark generated during repair work to control the natural gas leak that began on Oct. 23.  No one was injured.  The fire later was extinguished in the Kab … [Read more...]