Funny Video – Navy Captain’s Mistake

Mike Schuler
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May 13, 2009

This video was first brought to our attention on the Forum, but we think it deserves a post here on the blog.  According to the comments made on YouTube, this actually happened and there is a transcript of the communications floating around somewhere.  If anyone has any more information, we would love to hear it.

UPDATE: We received a number of irate emails over this post. I ask why? What happened to Merchant Mariners poking fun at Navy types? Did it go out of style after the sniper saved Captain Phillips? Did we forget that they were suppose to protect our fellow mariners in the first place? Did cadets stop learning the old saying:
Red-over-Red the Capt’s Dead, Red-over-Green Sailing Machine, if it’s Gray STAY AWAY!?

Maybe we are just upset the US Navy offered every Bay Area blogger free jet rides but us?

What are your thoughts?



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