Fast Rescue Boat RIB Simulator

Fast Rescue Boat – Kongsberg Introduces New Simulator

John Konrad
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May 18, 2011

Fast Rescue Boat RIB Simulator

Fast Rescue Boat training is one of the most enjoyable classes mariners need to take. Open ocean and fast boats combine with great locations like San Diego and Fort Lauderdale make FRB training a highlight of STCW certification. But all this may end with Kongsberg’s introduction of the Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) Simulator. The company tells us:

Konsgberg Maritime is shipping in its Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) Simulator for the inaugural Nor-Shipping Campus, a new event introduced to engage students, the media, politicians and the general public with the maritime industry. As the company’s fastest boat simulator, the spectacle is expected to attract a lot of attention, especially as Kongsberg Maritime is allowing visitors to try it out for themselves.

The inclusion of the Kongsberg Maritime RHIB simulator at the Nor-Shipping Campus will provide young people, training institutions, shipowners and others a glimpse into the world of high technology maritime training systems. It
simulates faithfully the movement of a small, fast military boat using cutting-edge graphics, high-fidelity sound and six degrees of movement thanks to its full hydraulic motion.

“It’s certainly one of our most eye-catching simulators and we’re pretty sure that the people visiting the Nor-Shipping campus will agree when they see it and indeed get behind the wheel,” comments Marketing Coordinator Anne Voith, Kongsberg Maritime Simulation and Training. “We hope that the noise, vibration, action and high-fidelity visuals persuade students and others to come over and talk with us, so we can explain just how exciting and rewarding a career in the maritime technology industry can be.”

If the new simulators become popular you’ll miss out on the sunny beaches and fast boats but, at least, you’ll still have fun.

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