Crew Concerns Saved Lives When Rescue Boat Unintentionally Released During Drill

Crew members’ concern over the safety of rescue boats being lowered from heights prevented an accidental release of a boat during a training exercise from turning fatal, the Danish Maritime Investigation Branch said in a report on the incident. The DMAIB issued its summary report on the unintentional release of a rescue boat on the Fjord Line passenger vessel Bergensfjord, … [Read more...]

Fast Rescue Boat – Kongsberg Introduces New Simulator

Fast Rescue Boat training is one of the most enjoyable classes mariners need to take. Open ocean and fast boats combine with great locations like San Diego and Fort Lauderdale make FRB training a highlight of STCW certification. But all this may end with Kongsberg's introduction of the Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) Simulator. The company tells us: Konsgberg Maritime … [Read more...]

Remembering USCGC ESCANABA (WPG 77)

by 1/c Heather Johanson For many, June 13th is a day just like any other. However, for the crew of the USCGC ESCANABA(WMEC 907) and the citizens of Grand Haven, Michigan, it is a day of somber remembrance. The  that we know and love today is not the first Coast Guard Cutter to bear the name. In fact, this is the third ESCANABA that the United States Coast Guard has seen. The … [Read more...]

Beach Lauch Of RNLI Rescue Vessel

Photo by Sean Mantey Prior to completing mission's like rescuing self-appointed royaly the RNLI must first get its boats off the beach. The organization's official website tells us about the process: Successful rescues are all about teams working together and this happens even before the lifeboat has been launched. The lifeboat crews and shore helpers all work together to … [Read more...]