Edward Burtynsky – Shipbreaking Images

John Konrad
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October 24, 2007

Edward Burtynsky - Shipbreaking images

Edward Burtynsky makes a wish: that his images — stunning landscapes that document humanity’s impact on the world — help persuade millions to join a global conversation on sustainability. A Canadian by birth Burtynsky’s most famous photographs are sweeping views of scarred or altered landscapes of foreign countries. He was invited to China to photograph the construction of the Three Gorges Dam project. The grand, inspiring beauty of these images is often in tension with the troubled environments they depict.

Of interest to mariners are the following online galleries of his work:

Ships – Container Ports
Ships – Ship Breaking
Oil – Oil Refineries
China – Three Gorges Dam
China – Shipyards
China – Coal and Steel
China – Urban Renewal

To find out more about his work click HERE to see the video of his 2005 presentation to TED.

Update: Also see Andrew Bell’s Shipbreaking Gallery

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