HHI delivers 5,000th HiMSEN Marine Engine

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February 14, 2011

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), the world largest shipbuilder and marine engine manufacturer, achieved an aggregate 5,000 unit of HiMSEN (Hi-Touch Medium Speed Engine) engine production in ten years after its first unit in 2001.

The HiMSEN engine is used for both the propulsion of ships and power generation for onshore power plants. The engine features light-weight design, high-output, and high-efficiency, and was awarded prizes at major exhibitions such as iF Product Design Award in 2009 and Red Dot Design Award in 2010. The annual production of the engines has increased rapidly from 4 units in 2001, 123 units in 2004, to more than 700 units from 2007.

HiMSEN engines are also installed in Packaged Power Stations (PPS) and Diesel Power Plant (DPP) helping to ease chronic power shortage in the Latin America and South East region.

Accounting for 23 percent of global 2-stroke marine engine market, in March 2010 Hyundai Heavy completed an aggregate 20 million brake horse power (bhp) engine production, the shortest time of any engine builder. In addition, September last year, Hyundai Heavy achieved an unprecedented aggregate production of 100 million bhp in 2-stroke engines.

-Photo courtesy Hyundai Heavy Industries

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