Coast Guard Convenes Marine Board of Investigation into FV Scandies Rose Loss

Mike Schuler
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February 28, 2020
The 130-foot F/V Scandies Rose. Photo: V.

The U.S. Coast Guard has convened a Marine Board of Investigation into the loss of crabbing vessel Scandies Rose and five of its seven crew members in the Gulf of Alaska over the New Year.

A Marine Board of Investigation is the U.S. Coast Guard’s highest level of investigation into a marine casualty. Upon its completion, the Board issues a report to directly to the USCG Commandant containing the evidence, established facts, and any conclusions and recommendations.

Specifically, the MBI will look into cause of the casualty, including the cause of any deaths, as well as whether any laws and regulations were violated.  

National Transportation Safety Board will paticipate alongside the Coast Guard in its investigation, but will produce an independent report with its own findings.

The U.S. Coast Guard overheard a mayday call from the FV Scandies Rose on Dceember 31, 2019 indicating the vessel had capsized and sunk approximately five miles southeast of Sutwik Island. Aircrews located two life rafts, including one raft that contained two survivors. 

The search was eventually suspended January 2 after covering 1,400 square miles over 20 hours.

The loss of the Scandies Rose marked the worst accident to hit Alaska’s commercial fishing industry since the sinking of the FV Destination with the loss of all six crew members in February 2017.

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