Cargo Ship Partially Sinks Off Ecuador

Mike Schuler
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February 27, 2017

The Isla Bartolome aground off Ecuador.

Officials in Ecuador are coordinating the environmental response and salvage of the general cargo ship Isla Bartolome, which ran aground and partially sank last Thursday in the main shipping channel from the port of Guayaquil.

The 3,818 DWT Isla Bartolome had just departed Guayaquil for the Galápagos Islands when it ran aground on a sandbar near the town of Posorja on the afternoon of February 23. All crew have been removed from the vessel.

Officials observed a small sheen which was expected to evaporate.

The Ecuadorian Navy said it is coordinating with the shipowner and other stakeholders regarding a salvage plan for the vessel.

The Isla Bartolome is operated by Ecuardor’s Transnave and under contract with the Navy. 

The Navy said it will update its plan on the vessel once details are confirmed. 

Here’s some video of the vessel:


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