Canadian Tall Ship Carrying Students Sinks Off Brazil

Mike Schuler
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February 19, 2010

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According to reports, all 64 students aboard the Canadian flagged tall ship Concordia which san 300 miles off the Brazilian coast have been rescued.  The Canadian Press has the story:

Officials say students, teachers and crew aboard a Nova Scotia-based tall ship that sank off the coast of Brazil in high winds spent about 16 hours in life-rafts before all 64 were rescued Friday by three passing cargo vessels.

Officials say the 57-metre sailing school sank in strong winds about 500 kilometres southeast of Rio de Janeiro, forcing the 42 Canadians and remaining staff and students from other countries around the world to scramble into four life-rafts.

The ship’s owner is West Island College International, based in Lunenburg, N.S.

The stepmother of one of the Canadian students on board said she received a call just before midnight letting her know that the vessel had sank, but that everyone was all right.

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A press release issued by the West Island College Class Afloat can be read on their website HERE.

According to the Amver blog, the Philippine flagged Amver participating ship Hokuetsu Delight was first to answer the distress calls from the tall ship, which is also enrolled in Amver.

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