Watch: Impressive High Seas Evacuation from Tall Ship Some amazing video showing the daring rescue of a teenager from a Norwegian tall ship in the North Sea. According to reports the rescue took place Tuesday, March 21 approximately 110 miles from shore in the Norwegian North Sea after the Captain of the training ship Christian Radich requested an medevac of a 16 year old boy who … [Read more...]

After Sailing from Across North Atlantic, Real Viking Ship Forced to Leave Great Lakes Over Pilot Fees

A modern day Viking ship that sailed all the way from Norway to attend a Great Lakes tall ship festival may not even make be forced to turn back over an issue regarding pilotage fees. The Norwegian Viking Ship, Draken Harald Hårfagr, has already sailed across the North Atlantic with stops in Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland, and is currently in Lake Erie after having … [Read more...]

Book Review: Alaric Bond’s HMS Prometheus, The Fine Line Between Valor and Recklessness

In Alaric Bond's most recent novel, HMS Prometheus, the eighth of his Fighting Sail series, the Mediterranean is a dangerous place for the Royal Navy. In the autumn of 1803, the British fleet is overextended and vulnerable. Britain is still under the threat of invasion and Nelson needs every ship he can lay his hands on to reinforce his blockade of Toulon. French squadrons are … [Read more...]