Tall Ships America and United States Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administrator Sign Memorandum of Understanding

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December 4, 2020

Press Release – Tall Ships America is pleased to announce the revival of a long-standing partnership with the United States Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (“MARAD”.) An updated and upgraded Memorandum of Understanding will be signed on Wednesday, December 2nd at 10:00am at a virtual signing ceremony attended by Maritime Administrator Rear Admiral Mark Buzby, USN, Ret. and Dr. Shashi Kumar, Deputy Associate Administrator for Maritime Education and Training representing MARAD; and Dr. Kris Von Wald, Executive Director of Tall Ships America and Michael Rauworth, President and Board Chair of Tall Ships America. The virtual signing ceremony will be available for viewing via Tall Ships America’s website at tallshipsamerica.org.

The agreement between Tall Ships America and MARAD will aid in fostering a collaborative effort that encourages learning about the maritime industry, its role in facilitating commerce and the impact the industry has locally as well as globally.  

“The signing of this MOU is an acknowledgement of the powerful impact that Tall Ships and Sail Training can have on communities beyond simply offering an adventurous character-building experience,” says Captain Jonathan Kabak, CEO of Oliver Hazard Perry Rhode Island and Board Member of Tall Ships America. “Instead, opportunities aboard these vessels can provide important industry awareness and pathways to lucrative careers that contribute both to our nation’s economic prosperity and national defense.”

MARAD and Tall Ships America will work in tandem to widely disseminate messages related to sail training and sea education, and to make educational materials, resources and sail training programs easily accessible for use at educational conferences and for teachers and students to increase general awareness about the maritime industry and career opportunities. 

Administrator Buzby describes the strategic importance of this relationship creating connections to the specialist seamanship skills and training capacity available in the fleet of tall ships. “I am confident the Maritime Administration’s renewed partnership with Tall Ships America will help sail training become part of the mainstream maritime ecosystem. There is no better hands-on experience than being on a majestic Tall Ship to learn not just the nautical skills but also about oneself and perhaps propel a young woman or man to a lifetime of service at sea, whether sailing commercially or for the U.S. military. I thank Tall Ships America for their work and for our continued partnership,” said Maritime Administrator Mark H. Buzby.

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