PHOTOS: Canadian Fishing Vessel Saved Off Greenland

Mike Schuler
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February 23, 2016

Photo credit: JRCC Atlantic

A Canadian fishing vessel with 30 people aboard is expected to arrive in Nuuk, Greenland in stable condition late Tuesday night following a complex effort to save the ship from sinking in the Dover Strait.

The 80-meter trawler Saputi began taking on water after it ran into ice Sunday night while approximately 280 nautical from Iqaluit in Canada’s northernmost territory of Nunavut.

Photo credit: JRCC Altantic

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) in Halifax coordinated the rescue, sending a Canadian Coast Guard C130 Hercules aircraft from Nova Scotia and the CCGS Louis St. Laurent icebreaker to assist. 

The C130 Hercules arrived on scene Monday and was able to drop four pumps to the vessel, which crews then used to battle the water ingress. 

The Danish warship, HMCD Knud Rasmussen, reached the scene on Monday and was also able to place two technicians onboard with 3 electric pumps and an additional gas pump. 

Photo credit: JRCC Atlantic
Photo credit: JRCC Atlantic
Photo credit: JRCC Atlantic
A pump is dropped to the Saputi, February 22, 2016. Photo credit: JRCC Atlantic

By Monday night, the Saputi had crossed into JRCC Greenland‘s area of responsibility en route to Nuuk and under escort by the Knud Rasmussen. The vessel’s are expected to arrive around midnight on Tuesday, slightly behind schedule due to heavy weather but safe. 

“Everybody’s fine, everybody’s safe, just a matter of being patient, making it all the way to Nuuk, and once they arrive in Greenland, an arrangement will be made to send them home,” said Harry Flaherty, president and CEO of the Qikiqtaaluk Fisheries Corporation, owner of the Saputi.

Here’s a video of the airdrop:


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