Breaking the Heart – S/S Norway

John Konrad
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October 15, 2007

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day and the topic of discussion throughout the blogoshpere is the environment. There are many issues and environmental news stories worth addressing like alternative energy ideas, ship emissions, global warming, or hot topic of the month; the Hawaii Superferry. Considering we get to choose the topic of most interest to us… we bring you this video of the S/S Norway. It’s a look at her glorious past and sad future upon the beaches of Alang, the notoriously dangerous and environmentally unsound shipbreaking port in eastern India.

The director of this documentary tells us;

This is a trailer of the documentary I am making about the last of the great 1000 foot ocean liners, The S/S Norway / S/S France. This ship has a story unlike any other. Built as a transatlantic liner and later being converted into a cruise ship the S/S Norway now rests on the beach in Alang, India. Here it is waiting to be dismantled. This unique footage from on board the ship in Alang will only be shown in this documentary. The documentary will be finished in 2007.

To see the troubling images of the ship’s destruction you’ll have to wait for the documentary but here’s a quick look at what we expect to see;

For more amazing but troubling images from Alang please visit our post; Edward Burtynsky – Shipbreaking Images

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