Bourbon Offshore: Three Kidnapped from Crewboat Off Nigeria

Mike Schuler
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April 13, 2015

File photo of a ‘Surfer’ series crewboat. Photo: Bourbon Offshore

French offshore services provider Bourbon Offshore confirmed Monday that three crewmembers have been kidnapped one of its crewboats off the coast of Nigeria.

In a statement, Bourbon said that three were kidnapped from the Surfer 1440 after it was boarded on the night of April 8th off the Nigerian coast.

Bourbon says that it immediately activated an emergency unit in Nigeria. The company added that its Bourbon Interoil Nigeria is in contact with the families of those kidnapped.

The three kidnapped were all Nigerian nationals, the company said.

Surfer 1440 is part of Bourbon Offshore’s Surfer-series crewboats.

Bourbon said it would make no further comment on the situation.

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