BIMCO: Unfair treatment of seafarers – still a major cause for concern

Mike Schuler
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March 2, 2010

Incidents involving unfair treatment of seafarers continue to happen worldwide, and BIMCO is maintaining its focus on this area to try and improve the situation both for seafarers and the shipping industry in general. A series of three consecutive articles mark the International Maritime Organization’s “Year of the Seafarer” by focusing on general trends, implications for seafarers, and the international legislative perspective and future outlook

The year 2010 has been designated as the “Year of the Seafarer” by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to give the organisation and the international maritime community at large the opportunity to pay tribute to the world’s seafarers for their unique contribution to society and in recognition of the risks they shoulder in the execution of their duties in an often hostile environment. BIMCO attributes much importance to the human element of shipping and considers that IMO’s decision will further support global measures aimed at safeguarding seafarers and recognize their work. The fact, however, that a number of maritime incidents in recent years continue to show examples of unfair treatment of seafarers – and perhaps even more significantly that these incidents appear to demonstrate a drifting towards a stricter liability regime – underlines the importance of maintaining this issue high on the agenda.

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