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John Konrad

Captain John Konrad is the founder and CEO of gCaptain and author of the book Fire On The Horizon. He is licensed to captain the world's largest ships and has sailed from ports around the world. John has built some of the world's most advanced ships and managed billion-dollar offshore construction projects in some of the world's harshest marine environments. John is a distinguished alumnus of New York Maritime College. @JohnKonrad

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

GMDSS or how I stopped worrying about and started to love/miss the Radio Officer

It think even those of us who are experts in technology are blow away by some of the capabilities today. Going to a Maritime Academy in the 90’s gave

May 15, 2007
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NATO Considers Active Protection of Offshore Assets

Considering the recent security concerns in Nigeria NATO is in discussions with major oil companies to provide active protection of offshore

May 15, 2007
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Monday, May 14, 2007

UPDATE – Empress of the North’s Long History of Trouble

This is actually the 4th grounding of the vessel “Empress of the Sea”. By reviewing the USCG incident reports along with some google powered

May 14, 2007
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Breaking News – Cruise Ship Hit Rock off Juneau Alaska

The Captain of the cruise ship Empress of the North has called for passengers to abandon the ship after hitting a rock off Juneau Alaska. Reports are still

May 14, 2007
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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Long Lost Ship Surfaces in San Francisco

Our friends at Telstar Logistics keep sending us great stories. Last week they brought us “New Yorkers call 911 on dockwise ship” (hey I am the one

May 10, 2007
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A license to be proud of…. even if it’s just a dummy.

In MERPAC’s Task Statement #66 from last week’s meeting are a few interesting items beyond the usual TWIC gripes. Including: MERPAC seeks

May 10, 2007
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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Death of the HF marine forecast?

Today’s MITAGS newsletter has a story about the USCG’s request for public information regarding the use of HF services including radio facsimile,

May 9, 2007
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Hidden Scoop

Here are some of the upcoming Discoverer posts. Be sure to vote on the ones you like! Will Virginia soon be entertaining big offers for its port terminals? The

May 9, 2007
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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Discover Upcoming Maritime News

Here are just a few upcoming news and stories from our News Discoverer… make sure you vote for the one you like. Briton kidnapped from Transocean rig in

May 6, 2007
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Senseo Coffee Roaster

My personal preference for fresh coffee on the bridge is the Senseo pod brewer, which not only saves me from assuring the coffee is fresh for the AM wake

May 6, 2007
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Friday, May 4, 2007

New Yorkers call 911 on Dockwise Ship

Citizens were quick to call 911 after witnessing the Dockwise Swan’s ballasting operation in New York harbor. Attempting to deliver dredging equipment

May 4, 2007
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