A license to be proud of…. even if it’s just a dummy.

John Konrad
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May 10, 2007

In MERPAC’s Task Statement #66 from last week’s meeting are a few interesting items beyond the usual TWIC gripes. Including:

  • MERPAC seeks clarification on why the Coast Guard replaced the term “license” with “credential.” It is the understanding of mariners that term “license” conveys ownership, and cannot be taken away from the holder without due process. On the other hand, a “credential” may be revoked at will.
  • MERPAC recommends that the number of “flashing light examinations” currently required under 46 CFR 11.401(h) be one time only.
  • MERPAC recommends that self-disclosure on the application process on incidents that have occurred only since last application.

But the recommendations that will most likely be denied due to budgetary constraints:

  • Mariners work very hard to obtain a license. MERPAC recommends that the Coast Guard provide the option for obtaining a license in a format suitable for framing. This document would not be used for sailing purposes.

A License suitable for framing…not to be used for sailing purposes?

For historic license photos :

Well for those of us with the distinct pleasure of first seeing our Unlimited Master’s licenses as they came out of the REC’s laser printer (with the word “Master” not even centered properly) it’s at least a start.

For those too young to remember when the a Master Mariner’s license was not only a different design but a different color than the rest, here is a look back at what a license is suppose to look like:

Deck Officer’s License since 2001
Deck officer's uscg license 2001

Deck Officer’s License prior to 2001
Deck officer's USCG license prior to 2001

Capt. Lewis G. Stanley’s 1922 License
1922 USCG issued Merchant Marine Officer's License

1861 Deck Officer’s License
1861 merchant marine deck officer's license

Steamboat Inspection Service – Engineers Licenses 1896-1927

Engineer's Merchant Marine License 1896

1906 Ship's Engineer License

1908Engineer's Merchant Marine License 1908

Engineer's Merchant Marine License 1917

1919Engineer's Merchant Marine License 1919

Engineer's Merchant Marine License 1927

United States Steamboat Inspection Service
Engineer’s License of an Unknown Date:

1837 Ship's Engineer License


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