Death of the HF marine forecast?

John Konrad
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May 9, 2007

Ship's radio

Today’s MITAGS newsletter has a story about the USCG’s request for public information regarding the use of HF services including radio facsimile, voice, SITOR and weather services.

Unfortunately, the infrastructure necessary to provide these services has exceeded its life expectancy. The equipment is no longer manufactured, repairs are difficult to accomplish, and spare parts are generally not available. Due to the significant costs associated with the continuance of HF radio services, the U.S. Coast Guard is seeking further information that details the extent to which these services are used… (read more)

With new technologies like WLO’s internet services…. is a traditional HF system necessary? If you feel strong about this topic be sure to send your comments to the USCG by following the link below.

USCG seeks comments on continuation of HF weather broadcasts – Deadline Aug 24, 2007
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