Senseo Coffee Roaster

John Konrad
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May 6, 2007

My personal preference for fresh coffee on the bridge is the Senseo pod brewer, which not only saves me from assuring the coffee is fresh for the AM wake up call it’s also much safer than securing a coffee pot in heavy seas.

My favorite thing about the Senseo, however, is getting that “just brewed” taste in every cup. This is the reason my interest was perked when I saw the Fresh Roast DIY Coffee Roaster today on Kevin Kelly’s must read Cool Tools blog. I’ll let him explain:

Freshly roasted coffee tastes great; the basic process is very simple; and with the Fresh Roast Plus, it’s easy to get great, very satisfying results right from the very first batch. The FRP is basically a blow-drier in a can controlled by a simple analog timer dial. Hot air blows up into the glass basket that holds the beans — heating and agitating them — and then carries the chaff up through a trap before exiting the top. In five or six minutes, it roasts enough coffee to get me going for two mornings.

And with all the time our Senseo saves the ABs I’m sure they won’t complain about roasting some beans.

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