Russia Raises Scuttled Battle Cruiser Off Crimea

After being intentionally sunk this past March at the entrance to Donuzlav Bay in western Crimea in order to effectively block the movement of any Ukrainian naval vessels out of port, specialists from Russian Black Sea Fleet have refloated the large Kara-classs cruiser Ochakov. Over 400 metal plates were installed on the ship to help make her water tight and the ship was … [Read more...]

EU Condemns Russian Arrest of Lithuanian Fishing Vessel

The European Union appealed to Russian authorities demanding the immediate release of Lithuanian fishing boat Juros Vilkas, detained in the Barents Sea on suspicion of poaching. In a posted statement, the EU External Action Service commented on situation: "We are concerned by the forced apprehension of the Lithuanian fishing vessel "J?ros Vilkas" by Russian border guards in … [Read more...]

Russian Ports Given International Status

The Russian government has confirmed the international status of all Russian seaports including the Republic of Crimea according to a report by Russian news agency ITAR - TASS. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev commented on the signing of the decree noting, "some of the documents that were previously confirmed by opening of seaports for international communications as … [Read more...]

Russian Ship Departs Vladivostok to Study Deep Water Effects of Fukushima Incident

Today, September 25, Russia's marine research ship "Professor Hlyustin" left the port of Vladivostok with a group of scientists and cadets on board who will study the radiation situation in the Sea of Japan to determine the consequences of the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The 28-day study will be conducted through the Sea of Japan and the Tsugaru Strait and on … [Read more...]

Lithuania Readies for the Arrival of their New FSRU

Lithuania continues to ready the country's infrastructure for the upcoming arrival of 170,000 cbm FSRU Independence to the Port of Klaipeda. Independence is the second of four FSRUs built by Hyundai Heavy Industries for Norwegian company Hoegh LNG.  This vessel is designed to store and regasify LNG which is then sent ashore. Klaipedos Nafta, the developer and future … [Read more...]