SSV-33 Ural

Rosatom Re-Tenders for Disposal of Cold War Intelligence Ship

Shubin Aleksey Andreyevich
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September 25, 2014

SSV-33 Ural, U.S. DoD file image

State Corporation “Rosatom” announced re-tender for disposal in the Primorsky region of Russia’s largest nuclear intelligence ship, the Cold War era ship Ural.

The SSV-33 Ural was launched in 1983 from Leningrad and put into service six years later.  After less than two years in operation, a shipboard fire and subsequent maintenance issues, coupled with the fall of the USSR, left her without a budget for repair and she was subsequently demobilized and mothballed.

The initial value of the disposal contract is $310 million and the work must be performed in the Bay of Bolshoy Kamen in Primorsky region by 30 November 2017. An online auction will be held on November 5th.

Nuclear fuel was unloaded from the ship’s reactor and removed for recycling at the end of 2009, and parts of the ship will be used to repair other nuclear-powered ships.


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