Ochakov crimea refloating

Russia Raises Scuttled Battle Cruiser Off Crimea

Shubin Aleksey Andreyevich
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October 2, 2014

Ochakov crimea refloating

After being intentionally sunk this past March at the entrance to Donuzlav Bay in western Crimea in order to effectively block the movement of any Ukrainian naval vessels out of port, specialists from Russian Black Sea Fleet have refloated the large Kara-classs cruiser Ochakov.

Over 400 metal plates were installed on the ship to help make her water tight and the ship was drained by using hydraulic and electric pumps at a rate of 6.5 thousand cubic meters per hour.

Images via SevastopolNews.com

The ship has a displacement of 8500 tons, a length of almost 180 meters and was raised and towed to one of the piers of Donuzlava to await her fate.  She had previously been laid up since 201.

Ochakov crimea refloating  Ochakov crimea refloating Ochakov crimea refloating Ochakov crimea refloating


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