No Trace Yet Found of Missing Malaysian Airliner

amsa malaysian flight search southern ocean
Click for larger, image via AMSA

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) notes the search for the missing Malaysia airliner has concluded for the second day in a row.  No trace of the missing aircraft has been found in the remote waters roughly 2500 kilometers southwest of Perth, Australia.

Two merchant vessels are currently searching the area as well as a number of military patrol aircraft including four RAAF P3 Orions, one US Navy P8 Poseidon, and a New Zealand P3 Orion. The Royal Australian Navy’s HMAS Success is en route to the search area as well.

For those involved in the search however, at least the weather is cooperating somewhat.  The area south of 40 degrees S latitude is notorious for very strong gales and large seas.  Today however, the weather appears relatively benign according to the following graphic via Oceanweather.

southern ocean weather malaysia flight