Load Up Your Agent’s Van With Amazon Prime

John Konrad
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November 28, 2008

packages in a van

You pull into anchorage, plug your EVDO Card into your laptop and immediately begin to map out the stores you need to visit once the ship is docked.

We know the routine and know how precious port time is and we have an answer; Amazon Prime!

What is prime?

For a modest annual charge of $79 you get Two day and Standard shipping for free on selected Amazon.com items and One Day shipping for $3.99 an item.

It’s really that simple. Sign up for the service and get any of the items sold by Amazon (doesn’t apply to all 3rd party items on Amazon) shipped 2nd day for free. If the ship is on a really tight schedule then overnight the package for only $3.99 per item… regardless of size or weight! The best part is you can ship items to any address, perfect for doing Christmas Shopping on watch (not a practice we officially condone ;).

Where does it work?

Sorry guys but it only works in the United States… for now.

How do I sign up?

Just click THIS LINK for your FREE trial.

What should I buy?

We are glad you asked! For Christmas Gifts check out our Holiday Gift Guide. For work related items visit our Gear Shop (details). All items in the shop have been approved by gCaptain editors and readers so you know it’s quality gear tested aboard ship.


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