hoegh osaka grounding

3D Recreation of Höegh Osaka’s Intentional Grounding in the Solent

Rob Almeida
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January 5, 2015

hoegh osaka grounding

Update: The Hoegh Osaka car carrier self-floated at high tide on Wednesday and the vessel is now stable at a nearby as salvors work on dewatering the vessel.  

SRT Marine Technology, a UK-based AIS technology firm, was able to recreate the actual movements of the Höegh Osaka as she departed Southampton and eventually beached herself on Brambles Bank utilizing their GeoVS Dynamic 3D Viewer.

As it has been previously reported, the Höegh Osaka car carrier was intentionally grounded on the Bramble Bank after developing a severe list shortly after departing the port of Southampton for Bremerhaven, Germany on January 3rd.

At this point, it is unknown exactly what caused the vessel to list, however the decision made by the pilot and master to save the vessel by grounding her on the bank, outside the main shipping channel, ultimately prevented a far worse scenario from occurring. The video below provides an interesting look at the execution of the maneuver:

Listen to SRT’s CEO Simon Tucker give a play-by-play here:

The accident is under currently investigation by the UK’s Maritime Accident Investigation Branch. Meanwhile, a salvage of the vessel is underway by the marine salvage company Svitzer. So far there has been no evidence of the any pollution as a result of the incident.

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