Cargo Loading Errors Led to Hoegh Osaka Grounding on Bramble Bank – Incident Report

The Hoegh Osaka had no chance of surviving the Bramble Bank turn shortly after the vessel departed from the port of Southampton on January 3, 2015 with inadequate stability, according to the investigation into the ship's listing, flooding and grounding on the Bramble Bank in The Solent. The UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch released its report on the investigation … [Read more...]

WATCH: Mission to Seafarers Response to Hoegh Osaka Grounding

  The car carrier Hoegh Osaka was intentionally grounded on the Bramble Bank after developing a severe list shortly after its departure from the Port of Southampton in January 2015. A total of 25 people were evacuated from the vessel, including two crewmembers with minor injuries. In this video, John Attenborough, Port Chaplain Southampton for The Mission to … [Read more...]

Car Carrier Hoegh Osaka Heads for Falmouth After Cargo Discharge

Höegh Autoliners says all units have now been discharged from its Hoegh Osaka car carrier in Southampton and the vessel is now completely empty of cargo. Cleaning of the decks and accommodation areas has also been completed, according to the company, and the vessel was expected to be head to Falmouth for final repair on Tuesday. AIS data from showed the … [Read more...]

Cars Removed from Hoegh Osaka Car Carrier [VIDEO]

The operation to remove cargo from the previously grounded Hoegh Osaka began Tuesday at the port of Southampton after the all clear was given by the authorities. The car carrier is now back in the hand of its owner, Höegh Autoliners, after the salvage officially ended when the vessel was towed back to Southampton last week. Earlier this week, the UK authorities, the … [Read more...]

Hoegh Osaka Safely Back in Southampton Port

It's been an eventful three weeks for Hoegh Autoliners' pure car and truck carrier MV Hoegh Osaka and all of those involved in the response. On Thursday evening, the 51,770 gross ton vessel was safely delivered alongside Berth 101 in the Port of Southampton following a four hour tow from the Alpha Anchorage and approximately 20 days after the vessel was intentionally … [Read more...]