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Car Carrier Hoegh Osaka Heads for Falmouth After Cargo Discharge

Mike Schuler
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February 10, 2015

Undated photo of the Hoegh Osaka car carrier courtesy Höegh Autoliners

Höegh Autoliners says all units have now been discharged from its Hoegh Osaka car carrier in Southampton and the vessel is now completely empty of cargo.

Cleaning of the decks and accommodation areas has also been completed, according to the company, and the vessel was expected to be head to Falmouth for final repair on Tuesday. AIS data from MarineTraffic.com showed the vessel “underway using engine” as of 1500 GMT.

The 51,770 gross ton Hoegh Osaka has been berthed at port of Southampton since late January when it was towed from the Alpha Anchorage in the Solent, where salvors worked for weeks to reduce the list of the vessel following its intentional grounding on the Bramble Bank on January 3. The vessel was carrying some 1,400 vehicles when it developed a severe list shortly after its departure from the port of Southampton, which led to its deliberate beaching.

After returning to the port of Southampton, the operation to remove cargo from the vessel began January 28, with photos and videos showing luxury cars being driven off the back of the ship, some with visible body damage.

Final repair of the vessel is expected to take 2 to 3 weeks, according to Höegh Autoliners.

The cause of the accident is under investigation by the Maritime Accident Investigation Branch, and Höegh Autoliners is also conducting its own internal investigation into the causes.

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