2 Activists Now Chained To Shell Support Vessel

John Konrad
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May 24, 2015

Photo by Reese Semanko

[contextly_sidebar id=”0A1VRjmeY4R4SuK722c6RPy3KX7WAEgG”]Bellingham, Washington -This photograph provided by Reese Semanko shows Chiara Rose, a environmental activist protesting arctic drilling, suspended from the anchor chain of the offshore vessel Arctic Challenger.

According to a spokesman for the protesters, she climbed up the chain Friday night in protest of Shell’s plan for Arctic drilling. The Coast Guard says it has no plans to remove her but has impounded the activists’ support vessels. The ship isn’t scheduled to leave the port for several days.

Coast Guard officials spoke with the woman and arrested the activists’ support vessels but have no plans to forcibly remove her.

UPDATE: A second protester, Matt Fuller joined Chiara Rose on anchor chain on Saturday.

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