111 Feet Up – Climbing the Main Mast of a Fully-Rigged Tall Ship… at 9 Knots

Mike Schuler
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May 29, 2015

Photo: Fullriggeren


[contextly_sidebar id=”L3OI7oSpk51om3zT4wRAWpfVZW5hJ2Dh”]Here’s a video posted by Norway’s Stiftelsen Fullriggeren Sørlandet academy showing first-person view of a climb up the main mast of the world’s oldest full-rigged tall ship Sørlandet.

The academy says the video was filmed by crewman Jannik Rathke while climbing the main mast to the Main Royal Yard. At the time of filming, the tall ship was averaging about 9 knots on a voyage from Quebec to the Azores – covering the 1,106 nautical miles in just 124 hours.

Built in 1927, the Sørlandet tall ship is oldest of three Norwegian tall ships and the oldest full-rigged tall ship in the world. The main mast of the Sørlandet measures 34.2 in height, or about 111.5 feet. 

Check out the heart-pounding video below:





But think this is scary… check out this video of a someone climbing a 58 meter mast.  

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