Since the commissioning of China’s first aircraft carrier, gCaptain’s inbox has been flooded with questions about what it means for the U.S., China’s emerging naval sea power, and the rest of the world.

So what does it mean? I think this visualization pretty much speaks for itself.

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  • Not Navy

    Think you either need to fact check or explain why you’re showing “USA” with about twice as many carriers as are actually active (11, I believe). Still a significant number, but…

    • Mitchell

      Considering the amphibious assault ships… which are arguably smaller aircraft carriers, I believe it is about right.

      • EFP

        Uh no, you fail. Amphibious ships have a totally different mission than aircraft carriers.

  • Mitchell

    Wasp Class. If you wanna look it up. And one Tarawa class.

  • mickrussom

    Its well known that in a super-power fight these aircraft carriers are useless. They have a half life of about 6-8 hours in a WW3 scenario. What this shows is the USA is good at building pseduo force projection tools to the tune of trillions.

    • EFP

      your useless

  • mickrussom

    Sen. Robert Taft Jr., R-Ohio, asked Admiral Hyman Rickover how long he thought the U.S. aircraft carriers would last in the war with the Soviet navy, which was largely a submarine navy.

    Rickover’s answer, on the record in a hearing of the Armed Services Committee of the U.S. Senate, was, “About two days.” The committee, needless to say, went on to approve buying more carriers.

    • Joe

      You’re a goof. If they showed the same graphic representing submarines, the U.S. and it’s allies would look comparable to the carriers. Guns or butter, baby, how do you want to spend your tax dollars?

  • EFP

    Left-winger’s and Paul-bots are a bunch comedians that don’t understand the real world.

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