Playing Pirate Does Not a Sailor Make

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When I first read of the rescue of the tall ship Liana's Ransom, I contacted friends in the tall ship community to express my sadness at the loss of the vessel, and relief that the crew survived the ordeal. "Liana who?" was the common response. "That's not a 'tall ship,' Mario," they said. "It's probably one of those wanna-be pirate ships, a tourist-attraction powerboat. The … [Read more...]

Australian Lunatics Narrowly Avert Death Off Nantucket

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Lunatics, a-holes, idiots... whatever you want to call them... In January, Reg and Jason McGlashan paid USD $10,000 for the 43-foot sailboat Sedona off eBay with the intention of sailing her to Australia less than two months later. “We’ve never done anything like this. Dad’s not even a sailor, but he’s a quick study,” said Jason McGlashan in an interview with the Newport … [Read more...]

Coast Guard Rescues Dog from Icy Lake – Your Feel Good Video of the Day

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A yellow lab is lucky to be alive after a fall into the icy waters of Lake Michigan. Coast Guard crews at Coast Guard Station Frankfort, Michigan were going about their morning Tuesday when they noticed the lab swimming amongst the ice in Betsy Lake right outside their window. Luckily for the dog, the first responders jumped right into action, sending a swimmer out to … [Read more...]

Watch: Daring Rescue as Fishing Boat Founders Off Scotland


Five people were rescued from an Irish fishing vessel this week as the ship foundered in the waters off Scotland. The Coastguard was notified at approximately 11 a.m. Tuesday that the Iuda Naofa, a 23-meter Irish fishing vessel, was taking on water 48 miles north of the Butt of Lewis. The Coastguard Rescue helicopter was sent and dropped a salvage pump onto the Iuda … [Read more...]

Seven Rescued After Coastal Freighter Sinks Off Haiti

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Seven crewmembers were rescued after their 100-foot coastal freighter began taking on water and sank Friday approximately 45 miles north off of Cap Haitien, Haiti. The U.S. Coast Guard reports receiving a report from a tug stating they heard a distress call from a vessel claiming to be taking on water off the coast of Great Inagua, Bahamas. A Coast Guard helicopter crew … [Read more...]

Sea Story – ‘Tor Viking II’ Rescues Disabled Cargo Ship ‘Golden Seas’ from Bering Sea

Golden Seas

On December 3, 2010, the 738-foot long MV Golden Seas, carrying a cargo of Canola seed and with an estimated 450,000 gallons of intermediate fuel oil, 11,700 gallons of diesel, and 10,000 gallons of lube oil on board, became disabled in the Bering Sea while underway from Vancouver, Canada to the United Arab Emirates. With seas upwards to 20-feet, the AHTS Tor Viking II was … [Read more...]