NTSB Releases Preliminary Report on Philabelphia Duck Boat Collision

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The National Transportations Safety Board today released its preliminary report on its investigation into the April collision between a barge and a passenger tour boat boat in the Delaware River near Philadelphia.  Below is a synopsis of of the is stated in the report: On Wednesday, July 7, 2010, the empty 250-foot-long sludge barge The Resource, being towed alongside the … [Read more...]

Drunk Chief Engineer Refused Lifejacket, Died


Three time a chief engineered refused a lifejacket as he attempted to transfer from a snow and ice-covered launch to the oil and chemical tanker OW Copenhagen using the pilot ladder. He boasted that he had never worn a lifejacket. He fell from the pilot ladder and drowned. Seawater temperature was at freezing point and air temperature was about -5 °C. His body was taken from … [Read more...]

Japanese tanker targeted in terrorist attack

Tanker Explosion

This framegrab image provided by the SITE Intelligence group shows Ayyub al-Taishan who the Brigades of Abdullah Azzam claimed was the suicide bomber who attacked the oil tanker M. Star in the Straits of Hormuz on July 28, 2010. (AP Photo/SITE) The UAE said Friday that the Japanese tanker M. Star was indeed the target of a terrorist strike after she suffered damage while … [Read more...]

BSU Releases MOB Report – No Lifejacket, Again


Germany's Bundesstelle für Seeunfalluntersuchung, Federal Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation, has released its report of a man overboard in the roads of Kaohsiung,Taiwan in July 2009. The report is in German. Again, the seafarer was not wearing a lifejacket while climbing the pilot ladder from a tender to board the ship. The casualty, an overweight ship mechanic, … [Read more...]

F/V Majestic Blue Sinks in South Pacific

This just in via the gCaptain tip line: SITUATION: The Fishing Vessel (F/V) MAJESTIC BLUE sank in the South Pacific Ocean during the early morning hours today due to an unknown cause. 22 crew were rescued and are reported to be in stable condition. Two crew (master and chief engineer) remain missing. Search efforts are ongoing. SUMMARY: At 140253Z CCGD14 received a … [Read more...]

Marine License Insurance – Questions & Answers

Note: With the recent incident in the Gulf and gCaptain members are performing non-routine jobs in and around the oil slick, a few have asked me if I carry license insurance. While most of these jobs are directly sanctioned by the Coast Guard, please contact them directly if you are unsure, license insurance is an option I believe all US mariners should at least consider. The … [Read more...]

Update: South Korean Ship Sinking

By John M. Glionna and Ju-min Park | The Los Angeles Times | Photo: AP March 30, 2010 Reporting from Seoul - Plunging into the murky waters of the Yellow Sea, South Korean divers on Tuesday drilled a hole into the hull of a sunken patrol vessel in a desperate search for survivors of their nation's worst naval disaster. The effort came as a grim South Korea entered … [Read more...]