The Deepsea Aberdeen, a semi-submersible drilling rig being built for Odfjell Drilling, sank at the DSME shipyard in South Korea on Saturday.

photo 3

via anonymous gCaptain contributor

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via anonymous gCaptain contributor

Up until its sinking at the pier, the Deepsea Aberdeen, a GVA7500-design semi-submersible was due for delivery in May 2014 and set to be relocated to the harsh environment West of Shetland on a long term contract for BP.  With an unknown amount of water damage, that schedule now appears questionable.

“The rig has sunk and lies on the seabed by the quay. It is not submerged,” said Tor Henning Ramfjord, chief executive of National Oilwell Varco Norway. Reuters reports that their were 38 Ramford employees on the rig at the time of the accident, according to Tor Ramford. All were safe, he said.

Update: The rig is currently sitting in a stable condition on the bottom next to the pier. The following images come from an anonymous gCaptain contributor.

Deepsea Aberdeen

photo 1

photo 3

This is a potentially significant setback for both Odfjell and BP as this particular rig had a 7-year, $1.2 billion contract attached to it.  Odfjell notes this is the largest contract they have ever been awarded.

There have been no reports of injuries associated with this accident.

File Photo (c) Vladimir Toniæ

File Photo (c) Vladimir Toniæ

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  • KokJooLow

    unplanned inclining test

  • Anonymousdfkgtfd

    It looks like it is not refloated, but just sitting at the seabed in 21 m waterdepth wich is close to operating draft (as shown in the last pictures)

  • lappino

    Today morning:

    Not really “Costa Concordia”, eh?

  • james regan

    Paul Sucia rigs not BPs or Odfjel’s it belongs to the ship yard DSME, they build it and own it until its handed over when to finished, get your facts right before spouting off.

  • james regan

    Git rid of the teething issues now, not the first or last dae woo screw up…….

  • james regan

    hatch left open on pontoon-(not on common on ship yard) Korean on Soju (not uncommon in ship yard), ah fk it its friday afternoon (not uncommon in ship yard)- weather got up, could be anything, but you can bet its a dumb issue caused by a worker…………

  • james regan

    Looks like she is on the bottom

  • lappino
    Obviously it never really sunk, and it was not refloated, only settled at the bottom, well above her construction waterline…

  • Mike Bone

    james regan Paul Sucia SS

  • UlleyJill

    dickiewood gCaptain Serves them right. Should have had it built in UK

  • dickiewood

    UlleyJill If only we could compete again Jill, if only… eeee dear.

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