While attempting to leave port on Saturday, the bulk carrier Cyprus Cement encountered some sort of propulsion issue and ends up tearing through a Norwegian marina, causing serious damage.

The incident occurred at Levanger Marina in Trondheimsfjorden.

It seems more than likely that it was the tugboat that suffered the propulsion problem that led to this incident. Note that tugboat’s lines were slack during the entire ordeal.

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  • Ole M. Amundsen, Jr.

    Well, he did get her turned!

  • The Usual Suspect

    No wake or exhaust appears to be originating from the ship assist tug. Therein may lie the problem. It appears to be without power.

  • Ross

    This reminds me of the BC Ferry that went Hulk Smash! on the marina adjacent to the ferry dock a couple of years ago. At least that bridge team had the presence of mind to sound the horn as they crashed. The investigation revealed that a http://www.bst-tsb.gc.ca/eng/rapports-reports/marine/2005/…/m05w0111.pdf“><a href="cotter pin came loose in the throttle linkage.


  • Gerry Cork

    I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation which will be ascertained by the subsequent investigation. Machinery or system failure most likely. Stupid unjustified remarks about ship’s personnel say more about the writer than the subject.

  • Joe T.

    Shame, some nice boats got toasted. I live aboard my 40 footer in Wilmington NC along the Cape Fear and at times have concerns about this same thing happening. One time the draw bridge to the south failed to open on time, forcing the ship to be held in position with tides and current shifting for 20 minutes. The prop wash from the tugs is enough to cause damage if close enough.

  • Capt George s.

    Many euro tugs tow from the rear, especially when undocking. It is unclear from the video what exactly the tug was doing. BUT, if he was towing astern it appears he might be working against the ship’s propulsion. We await more info!

  • Captain Jack

    You can clearly see the tug creating a wake behind it’s stern. The slack bow line is because the stern tow line is taught. It looks like a normal turn for I have seen this many times. I suspect the captain of the tow boat didn’t realize he was next to the marina to make his turn. The Cyprus crew should have warned him that he was not clear to make his turn. Might be the VHF radios failed? What I found interesting is the Cyprus went to forward thrust as they were turning. Maybe they knew something was wrong and thought they could thrust out of the marina. Well we’ll just have to wait to learn what happen here.

  • Jeremy Irons

    This ship belongs to Hans Peter Jebsen of “Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi AS (KGJS)”… Pay now Mr. Jebsen!

  • http://n2peopleskills.com Simon Harvey

    If you watch there are crew looking over the port quarter, and as they start crunching little boats a crew member can be seen rushing off forward. Soon after you see a big increase of RPM going ahead. I think you could go on guessing all day what was, or was not happening, but we will have to find out later from a report that will look into this properly to understand what was going on. I think the big lesson is that it shows how easily large vessels can do massive damage quite quickly, and there is little one can do once force has been put into motion unless information is available immediately, and even then it still takes time to react.

    Interesting scenario though.

  • Chieffy Chief

    The (not) funny thing is that it already was mentioned that there was “propulsion failure”.
    Of course that is the easiest explanation of someone’s mistake – and that cause pops-up very often in most of the situations like this one.
    But as history and MCA investigations show it is human error and/or lack of experience NOT the propulsion fault/problem.

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