Stuck in a Shipwreck – New Video Surfaces of Miraculous Jascon 4 Rescue

On May 26, 2013, the Jascon 4 tugboat sank to a depth of 30 meters after capsizing off the coast of Nigeria, killing 11 of 12 crewmembers onboard. Miraculously, a saturation diving team with DCN Global exploring the vessel more than two days after its sinking discovered the lone survivor, the vessel's cook, Mr. Okene Harrison, who was tucked into a tiny air bubble of the … [Read more...]

Dead Sperm Whale Explodes – WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC

Last week 4 Sperm whales swam in the Faroe Islands. Three of them ended up getting stranded and after two dramatic days, two lay dead on the beach. This video really falls under the Not Safe For Life (NSFL) category. You've been warned. Looking for a job in the maritime industry? Check out the gCaptain job board HERE. … [Read more...]

Watch: Containership’s Structure Visually Flexing in Heavy Seas

As the MOL Comfort disaster clearly showed, there is a point at which the load on a ship's structure exceeds the breaking strength. One might say the vessel was brought "beyond the environment" or perhaps "outside the environment"... but those would be an incorrect assessments. The steel structure of a vessel is made up of a complex arrangement of transverse (sideways) … [Read more...]

WATCH: Guy Gets Hilariously Rude Awakening in Norway

A reminder that you should always sleep with one eye open... I know nothing about this video other than it has 'Norway' in the title is captioned on youtube with "What happen when you are drinking all night and fishing next day". If someone could shed some light about where it is or translate what these guys are saying that would be great. … [Read more...]

DDG 1000 Pics: Billy Badass Has Arrived

Due to the US government shutdown over the past few weeks, the christening of the US Navy and General Dynamics-Bath Iron Works' latest creation, DDG 1000 (soon to be USS Zumwalt) was unfortunately put on hold. The good news is, Bath Iron Works shipyard, located in the great state of Maine - home of lobsters, pine trees, and Shipyard Ale - released the following images of … [Read more...]