Working Offshore on the Skandi Vega – Timelapse Video

Rob Almeida
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February 12, 2012


Nice work by Andreas Storebø on DOF Subsea’s Skandi Vega.

Background on the Skandi Vega

The Skandi Vega is an Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (AHTS) designed for deepwater anchor handling.  Built to meet future environmental standards, the vessel is fuel efficient and clean design classed, thus having the capability to work in most of the world’s offshore oil and gas precincts. At 109m long, operating capabilities include a working moonpool, “Safe Deck” manipulator crane system, a anchor recovery frame, a main winch capacity of 500 T and secondary of 170 T and a bollard pull of 350 T.

The Skandi Vega has also an integrated ODIM Anchor Recovery Frame (ARF) and a large working deck area of 1,070 m2.
In addition, one Kystdesign ROV is placed inside the hull’s integrated hangar on starboard side.

Main Dimensions

  • Overall length 109.5m
  • Length between pp 98m
  • Breadth 24m
  • Depth 9.8m
  • Draft 7.8m
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