Weekly Roundup: Piracy Headlines From Around The World

Tim Konrad
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December 18, 2008

Piracy in the Golf of Aden continue to grab headlines around the world. Here is a look at some of the top headlines from this weeks.


CNN Videos

  • China vs. pirates: Reports are emerging that China may send warships to the Horn of Africa. CNN’s John Vause reports.
  • Fighting piracy: U.S. wants ability to chase pirates into Somalia. The military isn’t sure it’s a good idea. CNN’s Barbara Starr reports.
  • Suspected pirates on trial: Suspected Somali pirates were supposed to have their day in court, but didn’t. CNN’s David McKenzie reports.

The New York Times

  • China Confirms Naval Role in Gulf of Aden : HONG KONG — The Chinese government confirmed Thursday that it would send naval ships to the Gulf of Aden to help in the fight against piracy there. The mission, which is expected to begin in about two weeks, would be first modern deployment of Chinese warships outside the Pacific.
  • U.N. Council Shows Support for U.S. Plan Against Piracy : After overcoming serious misgivings among Security Council members about taking the fight against Somali pirates ashore, the United States won a unanimous 15-to-0 endorsement on Tuesday for such aggressive measures.
  • Pirates Outmaneuver Warships Off Somalia : Rear Adm. Giovanni Gumiero is going on a pirate hunt.
  • The Laws on Piracy : To the Editor:I agree with Douglas R. Burgess Jr. that we should treat pirates as “a species of terrorist” (“Piracy Is Terrorism,” Op-Ed, Dec. 5)

Maritime Publications

Maritime Blogoshere


You can find the latest Maritime Executive article on piracy, written by our founder John Konrad, in today’s edition of their weekly newsletter (free subscription to all gCaptain readers via THIS LINK).

  • A New Solution To a Pressing Problem: During the course of events, we have seen solutions with varying degrees of success. On one end of the spectrum is Blackwater, the private security firm best known for their work in Iraq, on the other end is non-lethal security providers like APMSS, the security firm that failed to protect the M/V Biscaglia. gCaptain answers the question “Is there a third soultion?”
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