Question To The Coast Guard: Where Are The UAV’s?!

Just think of the opportunities if every Coast Guard boat station and cutter had it's own fixed wing aircraft and could initiate search and rescue operations before rescue boat had even the chance to cast off their dock lines. Whit this in mind the CG Blog asks the questions; Where Are The UAV's? They write: A couple of recent posts reminded me clearly that UAVs are a mature … [Read more...]

Maritime Monday 203: The Pacific Northwest

You can find last week's edition here » Steamboats at Colman Dock, Seattle, WA, circa 1912 - The Puget Sound Mosquito Fleet was a large number of private transportation companies running small passenger and freight boats around on Puget Sound, nearby waterways, and rivers. This large group of steamers and sternwheelers stopped at every waterfront dock. The historical peak of … [Read more...]

Concordia Post-Mortem: Safety, Preparation Go Together

Last week's news of the sinking school ship Concordia, which sailed from Nova Scotia to destinations around the world, rocked many who read of the 64 students, staff and crew plucked from the ocean. The ship was lost, but luckily, all souls were saved. It's important to remember in a situation like this that the choice to take on an adventure of this sort lies directly with … [Read more...]

Cargo Ship Sinks en route to Barbados

Tuesday, 23 February 2010 23:23 BRIDGETOWN, Barbados In excess of 15,000 tonnes of cargo, valued in the millions of dollars and bound for Barbados, are now at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea after a large container vessel sank Sunday night. No lives were lost or crew injured when the six-year-old vessel ANGELN, part of the Miami, Florida-based Bernuth Line, sank just … [Read more...]

As Food Distribution Improves, Haitians Want U.S. to “Take Over”

Haitians line up for food in downtown Port-au-Prince. They had to disperse after people in the front of the line broke through and grabbed all the food being distributed. Photo: Carol Guzy - The Washington Post.  Click to see full size By Peter Slevin; Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, February 1, 2010 PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI -- International relief … [Read more...]