New Website Educates The World on Container Shipping

Mike Schuler
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December 18, 2008


The Container Shipping Information Service recently launched its new website to provide information to the public, businesses and media on the importance of container shipping in our everyday lives.

The Container Shipping Information Service (CSIS) is an organisation, formed in 2007, comprising 23 of the largest container shipping companies across the world. CSIS was formed to give the global container shipping industry a voice with which to communicate with the world.

Normally people do not give the world of container shipping a second thought. Yet, without it, modern life would not exist in the way we know it. In this context, the aim of CSIS is to encourage an understanding and appreciation in the wider world about the container shipping industry, and to show the benefits that it brings to our everyday lives.

The CSIS website,, provides a one-stop shop of information about the industry, accessible to anyone in the world, so that consumers, businesses, journalists and any other interested parties can find CSIS’ views, facts and figures at the touch of a button.

The site focusses on four key topics: environment, globalization, innovation and security.  However, within its pages there is a wealth of information and resources. that works great for educating the general public on the container shipping industry.

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