Weekly Piracy and Maritime Crime Update: 10-16 Feb 2011

Rob Almeida
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February 18, 2011

Summary: (source: ONI Maritime OPINTEL Report)


  • Chemical tanker was approached 10 Feb, approximately 50NM off Lagos, Nigeria.


  • Crude oil tanker (NS CENTURY) was suspiciously approached 16 Feb approximately 40NM south of Porbandar, India.
  • Fishing vessel was hijacked 13 Feb approximately 8NM south of Socotra Island, Yemen.
  • Bulk carrier (SININ) was hijacked approximately 280NM SE of Ras al Had, Oman.


  • Tug was boarded by robbers approximately 6NM southwest of Pulau Nipah, Indonesia.
  • Tug was boarded 11 Feb approximately 4.5NM NW of Pulau Nipah, Indonesia.
  • Tanker was boarded and robbed 9 Feb approximately 5NM off of Tanjung Wakap, Malaysia.

Indian Ocean Piracy Forecast:

Weather conditions are expected to remain relatively calm despite the current monsoon season, creating conditions conducive to small boat activity throughout the piracy operating area, particularly in the Arabian Sea, Somali Basin, and Gulf of Aden.  It should be noted that while attack levels have decreased this week, there are still a number of suspicious approaches reported, indicating pirate operations are ongoing.

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