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Weekly Maritime Crime and Piracy Update, plus July convoy sked – Week of 30 June 2011

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July 7, 2011

July 2011 Gulf of Aden Convoy Schedule

A. GULF OF ADEN: Turkish maritime task group schedule for June/July 2011.   Rendezvous point “A” (Eastbound): 11:50N – 045:00E. Rendezvous point “B” (Westbound):  14:28N – 053:00E. Convoy speed is 10 knots.  Eastbound transits are at 0500 UTC 6 June, 1100 UTC 10 June, 1700 UTC 14 June, 0800 UTC 17 July 2011.  Westbound transits are at 0800 UTC  8 June, 1400 UTC 12 June, 0500 UTC 15 July, 1100 UTC 19 July 2011.  The task group will be  formed by two frigates.  Merchant vessels intending to join the convoy should register to TMTG  via email ([email protected] (for other flags) or [email protected])  (for Turkish merchant vessels) not less than two days before the arrival to the rendezvous point.  Registration form is available on the “Undersecretarian for Maritime Affairs” website  (www.denizcilik.gov.tr). The Turkish Navy Operations Center can be reached at (+90-312- 4032222/+90-312-4033093), (Fax: +90.312-4173065), (Email:  [email protected]).  The Turkish Maritime Task Group ships can be reached at  (primary contact email: [email protected]):

TCG BARBAROS: INMARSAT:  00870764864590/00870600946197, Fax: 00870600946198;

TCG GELIBOLU: INMARSAT:  00870764864568/00870600946142, Fax: 00870600946143;

TCG GEMLIK: INMARSAT:  00870764864586/00870600946187, Fax: 00870600946188. (MSCHOA)

B. GULF OF ADEN: Government of Japan convoy schedule for July 2011.  The  Government of Japan (GOJ) provides escort operations by Japanese Maritime Self-Defense  Forces (JMSDF) for vessels in accordance with the following schedule. Due to the start of the  monsoon season, the Self-Defense Force will shorten the east end of the transit corridor.   Rendezvous point “A” (Eastbound): 11:50N – 045:00E.  Rendezvous point “B” (Westbound):  14:28N – 053:00E.  Base speed is 12 knots.  Eastbound transits are at 1400 UTC on 1 July, 8 July, 17 July, 21 July, and 28 July 2011.  Westbound transits are at 1400 UTC on 3 July, 10 July,  19 July, and 23 July 2011. Please note that application for JMSDF escort operation must be made directly to the GOJ, which is a separate procedure from the application to MSC (HOA).   Merchant vessels that wish to apply for JMSDF escort operation should visit http://www.mlit.go.jp/en/maritime/maritime_fr2 _000000.html  to follow the application procedure.  For further information, please contact directly the Anti-Piracy Contact and  Coordination Office, Maritime Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MILT), Japan: Tel:  +81-3-5253-8932 Fax: +81-3-5253-1643 Email: [email protected] (MSCHOA)

C. GULF OF ADEN: People’s Liberation Army Navy convoy schedule for July 2011.  Rendezvous Point “B” (Westbound convoys): 14:00N – 051:00E.  Rendezvous Point “A”  (Eastbound convoys): 11:52N – 044:12E.  051:00E. Eastbound convoys transit at 0600 UTC 4 July, 9 July, 14 July, 19 July, 24 July, 29 July 2011.  Westbound convoys transit at 0600 UTC 1 July, 6 July, 11 July, 16 July, 21 July, 26 July, 31 July 2011. Vessels should submit the application via INM-C (583441301333), (INM-F:773122242, INM-M:76493882) or EMAIL:  [email protected] with the following details: Vessel name, call sign, flag, MMSI number, GT/DWT, LOA, mean draft, freeboard, economy speed, max cruising speed, crew’s number and nationality, captain’s name and nationality, country of shipping company, type of vessel, cargo,  last port of call/country, next port of call/country, year built, landing place for helicopter, contact information, ETA rendezvous point.  Vessels that want to join the Chinese Navy convoy should inform Chinese Navy 998 of ETA to the rendezvous point every day and cancel the application ASAP if that vessel will not join the Chinese Navy convoy.  (MSCHOA)

D. GULF OF ADEN: Korean Naval convoy schedule for June/July 2011. Rendezvous point  “A” (Eastbound): 12:07N – 044:11E.  Rendezvous point “B” (Westbound): 14:54N – 054:41E.  Please note that each starting point indicates the endpoint for the convoy from the opposite direction.  Transit speed is 12 knots.  Eastbound convoys transit at 0400 UTC 15 June, 24 June, 4 July, 10 July, 23 July 2011.  Westbound convoys transit at 0400 UTC 21 June, 1 July, 7 July, 17 July 2011.  All merchant vessels wishing to join the convoy group must submit their application forms directly to the ROK naval warship carrying out the mission.  Minimum speed for the convoy is 12 knots, meaning all vessels wishing to join the convoy group must be able to maintain the speed of 12 knots throughout the period of transit.  Please note that a 2-hour delay in arrival at the rendezvous position will make the ROK Naval Escort Task Group convoy unavailable. At/from 24 hours prior to the convoy time, all vessels registered for the convoy must establish initial communication with ROK Naval Escort Task Group, and update its position, course, speed (PCS), and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for every 4 hours.  For further information, please contact the ROK Naval Escort Task Group directly at (INMARSAT:870-773-110238), (FAX: 870-783110591) or EMAIL: [email protected] (MSCHOA)

E. GULF OF ADEN: Russian Naval convoy schedule for June/July 2011. Ships will be escorted by the Russian warship “Severomorsk” as of 17 June 2011. Rendezvous point  “A” (Western point): 17:10N – 040:40E. Rendezvous point “B” (Eastern point): 15:15N 058:20E. Transit speed is 12 knots.  Eastbound convoys start at point “A” and transit at 0600 UTC 17 June, 1200 UTC 28 June, 0600 UTC 10 July, 0600 UTC 21 July 2011.  Westbound convoys start at point “B” and transit at 0600 UTC 22 June, 0700 UTC 4 July, 0600 UTC 16 July 2011.  Vessels wishing to join Russian national convoys should arrive at the assembly point at least 2 hours before the ETD. Shipping companies and shipmasters that would like their vessels to join any Russian national convoy are kindly requested to submit their applications to the Russian Maritime Security Service via e-mail: [email protected] or (FAX: +7 (495) 607-01-95). (MSCHOA)

Summary of Worldwide Maritime Crime and Piracy for the week of 30 June 2011 (source – ONI)

piracy indian ocean


A product tanker was robbed 30 Juneat 0205 UTC while anchored  at 06:00N – 002:29E in the Cotonou anchorage, Benin. The vessel was conducting ship-to- ship (STS) transfer operations when robbers in a speedboat boarded it, stole ship’s and crew properties, and escaped. The robbers gained access to the vessel because the razor wire had  been removed for STS transfer operations. (IMB)


Crude oil tanker (BRILLIANTE VIRTUOSO) was boarded 6 July at 0023 UTC while stopped in position 12:29N – 044:44E, approximately 25NM southwest of  Aden, Yemen. Seven suspected pirates boarded the vessel and left due to a fire onboard the vessel. The crew also abandoned the vessel and was rescued by a nearby naval vessel.  (IMB,  Operator, Commercial Source)


Eight fishermen were robbed 5 July in the morning on the Suryamani canal inside the Herobhanga forest in the Sundarbans forest, Bangladesh. The eight fishermen were asleep in two country boats and one mechanized boat when they were attacked by 12 robbbers. The robbers stole money, food, fishing equipment, and the engine of the mechanized boat. (Open Source)


A bulk  carrier was robbed 3 July at 2115 UTC while berthed in position 06:05.9S – 106:53.0E at Tg. Priok Port, Jakarta, Indonesia. Three robbers with knives boarded the vessel via the shore side cargo net while it was engaged in discharge operations. The duty crew noticed them near the forward store and informed the duty officer, who raised the alarm. The duty crew tried to stop the robbers but were threatened with a knife. The robbers escaped via the sea side with stolen properties, using a small boat. (IMB)


A U.S.-owned bulk carrier experienced an attempted boarding 1 July while underway in position 01:16.6N – 104:12.8E at 1541 UTC, approximately 22NM southeast of Singapore. Robbers from four fast moving boats attempted to board, the alarm was raised, fire hoses were activated, deck lights and search lights were activated, and vessel engaged in evasive maneuvers. After several attempts, the robbers aborted the attack. (IMB, Commercial Source, Open Source)


A tug was boarded by robbers 1 July at 1835 UTC while in position 01:31.6N – 104:32.2E, approximately 41NM northeast of Singapore. A duty officer onboard a tug towing a barge spotted three pirates with knives and sounded the alarm. The robbers escaped using a black speedboat. Nothing was stolen. (IMB, Open Source)


A container ship was robbed 30 June at 0630 UTC while anchored in the Cat Lai anchorage, Vietnam. The duty officer noticed two boats approaching the vessel and ordered the duty able seamen to investigate. The people in the boat pretended to be fishermen selling fish and other items. It was later discovered that ship stores were stolen from the forward stores. Crew was not able to contact port control. (IMB)

Weather and Piracy Forecast for 7 –  9 JUL 2011 

Weather Piracy forecast


Light to moderate sea heights within the Gulf of Aden are expected through the next 72  hours.  Heights will range from 2 – 5 feet with continuous winds from the southwest of 22 – 26 knots with higher gusts through 10 July.  Winds and moderate sea heights may hinder piracy/small boat operations. 

EXTENDED FORECAST:  Southwest winds of 20 – 25 knots with higher gusts will continue with light to moderate sea heights through 13 July


Sustained southwest winds of 28 – 32 knots with higher gusts will remain over the Somali Basin through the next 72 hours.  Expect conditions to not be conducive for small boat operations from the north-central Somalia coast northeast to the Omani coast and extending east through much of the North Arabian Sea, as sea heights range from 9 – 14 feet.  Heights decrease slightly off the Pakistani/Indian coast, but still range from 7 – 10 feet.

EXTENDED FORECAST: Southwest winds will continue through 13 July, but decrease slightly (24 – 28 knots, with higher gusts).  Expect severe seas to continue through the forecast period.  Conditions will continue to not be conducive for small boat/piracy operations within the areas stated above.   


Coastal waters off Tanzania and Kenya, as well as waters along the equator extending east into the Indian Ocean, have increased and will remain moderate to high through 10 July, with sea heights ranging from 5 – 8 feet.  Waters around the Maldives will prove to be most conducive for small boat/piracy operations, with sea heights ranging from 3 – 6 feet. 

EXTENDED FORECAST:  Expect conditions stated above to continue through 13 July.


Currents off the Somalia coast are variable with most areas having average speeds of less than 2 knots.  Areas of increased speeds along the coast up to 6.1 knots occur from 3S to 10N.  Currents within the Gulf of Aden are variable, with most areas having speeds of 1.5 knots or less.  The extreme eastern portion of the GOA, waters southeast of the Bab al Mandeb, and coastal waters southwest of Oman have current speeds up to 3.3 knots.

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