Weekly Maritime Crime and Piracy Report: Nigerian Pirates Make Off With Fuel-Oil Cargo

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November 10, 2011

Summary of Worldwide Maritime Crime and Piracy Incidents for Week of Nov. 3-9, 2011 via UNI


VENEZUELA: Container ship boarded by robbers on 8 November at 2100 LT while drifting in position 10:27.1N – 064:39.3W, approximately 14 nm northwest of Guanta, Venezuela. Duty watchman spotted three robbers on the main deck and informed the officer of the watch (OOW) who raised the alarm. The bridge crew directed searchlight towards the robbers’ boat. After the robbers heard the alarm the robbers left in their boat. Later one container was found with a broken seal and the door opened, however, nothing was stolen, (IMB)


NIGERIA: General cargo ship boarded by pirates on 3 November at 0255 LT while anchored in position 08:30.06N – 013:13.82W in the Freetown Inner Anchorage, Sierra Leone. The duty watch man spotted two robbers onboard the main deck and informed the bridge, which raised the alarm. The robbers escaped and port authorities were informed. Nothing was stolen and no injuries were reported. (IMB)

NIGERIA: Petroleum tanker (HALIFAX) hijacked by pirates on 29 October at 1219 UTC while in position 03:26.5N – 006:42.3E, approximately 62 nm southwest of Bonny. Vessel was awaiting further berthing instructions from its charterers. Vessel has a crew of 24 Filipinos and one Bulgarian. The pirates released the vessel on 5 November after siphoning off part of the cargo. (IMB, Open Source)


INDIAN OCEAN: Fishing vessel (CHIN I WEN) hijacked on 3 November at 2100 UTC while underway in position 06:10S – 051:10E, approximately 722 nm northeast of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. On 5 November, the crew regained control of the vessel and rendezvoused with a warship that provided assistance. All 28 crewmembers survived the incident, and the vessel proceeded to a safe port. (IMB)

Forecast for 10-16 NOV 2011

Likelihood of Pirate Activity (Graphic courtesy of the Naval Oceanographic Office Warfighting Support Center)

 GULF OF ADEN: Area winds within the GOA will remain moderate (ENE 10 – 15 knots) through next 72 hours. Expect minimal seas to increase as residual swell waves from a storm system off the Omani coast will slowly transit west and impact the waters of the Gulf. Sea heights will increase to 4 – 6 feet by 11 Nov. EXTENDED FORECAST: Increased waves will calm within the region by 14 Nov with continued ENE winds. Expect no impacts to GOA through remainder of forecast period.

SOMALI COAST: Winds and seas within the Somali Basin will remain minimal (NE 8 – 12, 2 – 4 feet) through next 72 hours. EXTENDED FORECAST: Some localized thunderstorms will impact region through 16 Nov, periodically increasing winds and seas. Expect the majority of conditions through the forecast period to remain minimal.

NORTH ARABIAN SEA: Lingering winds and seas associated with a decaying tropical system will impact areas of the North Arabian Sea off the Omani coast as the system slowly decays. Expect gusty winds to decrease to minimal conditions by 11 Nov with light to moderate seas through the next 72 hours. EXTENDED FORECAST: Shifting winds and light seas (NE 10 – 15, 1 – 3 feet) will influence the North Arabian Sea through 16 Nov.

INDIAN OCEAN: East-southeast winds 15 – 20 knots with 3 – 5 foot seas will influence conditions off the Tanzania and Kenyan coastlines through 12 Nov, slowly increasing (SE 22 – 26 gusts 35, 5 – 7 feet) as a storm system approaches the East African coast. The Mozambique Channel will have minimal winds and seas through first 72 hours of forecast. EXTENDED FORECAST: Expect the storm system to quickly decay over land as the winds and seas return to more moderate levels (ESE 15 – 20, 3 – 5 feet) by 15 Nov. The sheltered waters of the Mozambique Channel will not be impacted through 16 Nov.

SURFACE CURRENTS: Currents within the Somalia Basin, Gulf of Aden, and into the Indian Ocean remain variable with most areas having average speeds of less than 2 knots. Some localized areas in the open waters of the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Somalia, show increased speeds up to 3 knots.

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